ECi e-automate:

Software for companies that sell and service wireless communication equipment

Look no further!

    E-automate ERP software provides all the necessary functionality you need to manage your business:

    Service: Log, dispatch, invoice and clear service calls seamlessly. Your system can even assign calls based on technician qualification, manage truck inventory and more. Plus, our RemoteTech application is used by over 20,000 technicians daily in the U.S. and allows techs to manage their service calls in the field via smart phone or tablet.

    Contracts: Receive alerts when contracts or warranties are about to expire and setup automated contract billing. Your e-automate system, can even determine contract profitability at the contract equipment level.

    Accounting: Manage receivables and payables, perform general ledger, journal entries (regular and automate entries) and conduct banking transactions, reconciliation and more.

    Inventory: Track serialized or non-serialized parts in your warehouse or on trucks, manage multiple warehouses and bins and auto set min and max variables based on historical usage.

    ...and that's just the tip of the iceberg! Contact us to schedule a complete demo today. Complete the form on the right and an Account Executive will be in touch with you right away.