E-automate success from a former La Crosse customer

American Business Center

Randy Greenhaw remembers only too well how things were at American Business Center before the dealership made the switch from La Crosse business software to e-automate from ECi Software Solutions.

“We had been on La Crosse for a long time, but getting reports out of the systems was not always easy and we never had much confidence in the data we were getting.” Things weren’t any better on the service front.

“A customer would call in with a question about an invoice and someone would have to go looking through hard copy files before they could get them an answer. It was a waste of valuable staff time and a source of frustration for our customers that they had to wait for the information they wanted.”

As a long-time user of e-automate at his previous dealership, Randy knew it didn’t have to be that way and as director of administration for the Youngstown, Ohio-based Ricoh dealership, he was ideally positioned to do something about it.

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