E-automate success from a former OMD customer

A&A Office Systems

John Meehan, Controller, A&A Office Systems

For many dealers, switching to new business management software ranks right up there with getting married or buying a new house as one of the most stressful tasks they'll ever face.

Even if their current software may be woefully out of date and actually keep­ing their business from moving forward, the prospect of changing systems is just too daunting and they end up doing nothing. It doesn't have to be that way. Just ask John Meehan at A&A Office Systems in Middletown, Connecti­cut.

Meehan served as the project champion for A&A's recent move to e-auto­mate and his carefully planned and just-as-carefully implemented conversion process provides a model of how to take most of the risk and the pain out of what is typically a high-stakes move for any dealership.

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