Q2, LLC is a customer driven provider of compatible and original replacement parts and supplies for use in copier, printer and multifunction imaging machines. Q2 was founded in 2007, with the goal of helping dealers maximize their profitability by providing quality parts and supplies in a customer focused, cost effective, user friendly and professional manner. The Q2 team has extensive and successful experience working with service organizations throughout the office imaging industry.

Q2 offers compatible and original parts and supplies for use in copier, printer and multifunction office imaging machines for the following OEM lines:

Q2’s broad and continually increasing product offering includes toner, toner cartridges, fuser units, maintenance kits, drums, drum unit cartridges, blades, feed components, fixing films, waste toner containers, fuser cleaning components, kits, lower pressure rollers, picker fingers, staples, upper fuser rollers, vacuums, surge protectors and accessory tools.

Q2 offers multiple choices for the same application. For example, customers may choose from OEM, Mega, Jumbo, TAA Compliant or imported brand toner cartridges based on their needs. Or select from new build fuser units, remanufactured fuser units (exchange required), and fuser kits for field rebuilding. Many more application choices are available.

Q2 will reimburse end users annual PO Processor subscription for a low annual purchasing commitment.

For a more detailed listing of our products and current pricing and availability, please register for the Q2 on-line catalog at Q2Products.com. 

Find Q2 on LinkedIn and Facebook at @Q2LLC.

Integration FAQs:

Average implementation time: 2-10 hours per vendor

Status: Live

Investment: $495 one time installation, $495 annual subscription, and $720 annual site license for PIP, unless already owned

Who supports it? ECi e-automate

Who handles install? ECi e-automate

Description of installation: Improves key business processes for dealers. Among these processes is purchasing, including access to updated information on equipment and related items, automated submission and acknowledgement of purchase orders, shipping confirmations, and invoicing.

Integration points to include: Pricing request, order submission, current shipping status, order response, invoice request

Key Contacts:

14450 Ewing Avenue South, Suite 100
Burnsville, MN 55306

e-automate Account Managers