PrintFleet Incorporated offers dealers and distributors in the print and imaging industry new value in what is quickly becoming a commoditized market. Margin erosion has taken effect over many dealerships core competencies and "customer loyalty" is a phrase lost in the current business model. Increasingly, corporations are searching for tangible ways to: reduce costs, increase operating efficiencies and develop a long term plan to reduce and control their carbon footprint. Available in five languages, PrintFleet's software technology has enabled dealers in over 20 countries to entrench their customer relationships and offer tangible print management solutions to address these specific client needs.

At PrintFleet we know that it takes more than software to successfully deliver an MPS solution to a client. As such, we invest in a team of advisors and customizable support packages that work with and along-side our dealers and distributors to facilitate the successful execution of their custom managed print strategy.

PrintFleet Innovation

PrintFleet continually innovates to enhance our MPS technology and features while offering print and imaging dealers, manufacturers and their customer's a superior model for the management of network printing devices.

PrintFleet's market-leading technology coupled with an excellent go-to-market program delivers unsurpassed value fast-tracking PrintFleet dealers' transition from selling a commodity to offering industry leading Managed Print Technology and Services.

PrintFleet Technology

As the first company to offer a rapid assessment tool, a comprehensive dealer hosted remote print monitoring application, as well as, business development and training programs, PrintFleet is the leader in the print management arena, helping dealers control 100 percent of print and imaging within their client sites.

PrintFleet offers unparalleled data collection, data integrity and back end support within our family of print management software ranging from simple rapid assessment to advanced independently hosted print management. PrintFleet software coupled with our award winning sales, marketing and technical support programs, empower dealers to entrench customer relationships while evolving their overall corporate value.

PrintFleet Enterprise — Able to scale to meet the needs of the largest customers, PrintFleet Enterprise is just as valuable for any small or mid-size company looking to improve their business practices. It is a complete print management system designed to remotely collect and manage critical information from the clients' printing environment and includes such features as automated meter exports, service alerts and maintenance flags and extensive reporting capabilities. PrintFleet Enterprise can be configured to export relevant data to any of several popular ERP Systems—such as e-automate® software—and allows for customizable device views, role based user management, group management, device location mapping, customizable user interface and online DCA installation.

PrintFleet Enterprise provides a hosted and self hosted option enabling you to implement the most advanced print management system on the market regardless of your existing IT infrastructure.

PrintFleet Suite Pro — Serves as a powerful demo tool that captures a snapshot status of devices. SuitePro is a rapid assessment application installed on a USB key which allows sales personnel and service technicians to perform quick audits of a clients' printing environment.

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Integration FAQs

Average implementation time: 20 minutes

Status: Live

Investment: $720 annual subscription for PIP unless already owned

Who supports it? ECi e-automate supports PIP. Print Fleet supports their integration to PIP

Who handles install? ECi e-automate

Description of installation: PrintFleet uses e-automate APIs to push data into e-automate's applications.

Key contacts

Gordon Snider, PrintFleet

e-automate Account Managers