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ECi FMAudit is the leader in the development and deployment of software solutions for Print Management and MPS business process workflows. The total solution offered by ECi FMAudit provides cost effective and results producing tools and workflows for device assessment, data analysis, TCO proposal generation, ongoing device monitoring for supply levels, supply triggered marketing, meter billing, service alert filtering and Green Impact Reporting. The software can be utilized to collect device management information from both network and local print devices.

ECi FMAudit has worked hard to design collection tools and processes that reduce the time and effort required to deploy and maintain MPS software in the dealer customer base. All ECi FMAudit collection software can be remotely managed eliminating the need to send personnel to the customer site to install, reinstall, update, change device settings or to add devices.

The award winning ECi FMAudit Enterprise software solution empowers dealers with the most complete set of MPS software tools available in the industry today. Field proven, patent pending product features include USB Viewer, browser based WebAudit, performance monitoring Onsite and ECi FMAudit Central ASM.

The ECi FMAudit investment requires a nominal upfront fee which includes training and support, monthly billing is based on devices monitored and the fees include all new enhancements and updates to enable both small and large dealers to engage in Managed Print selling best practices.

The ECi FMAudit Central Server in most implementations is hosted by the dealer at the dealer site. For those dealers not wanting to host the server at their site, ECi FMAudit can provide complete hosting services.

A powerful integrated solution for the Digital Gateway e-automate Software Suite

The data collected by ECi FMAudit from print devices is synced and integrated with e-automate to streamline business processes, eliminating redundant data entry and costly employee overhead related to meter billing, supply reorder processing, service deployment, purchasing and MPS assessment and proposals.

Meters are collected from the customer devices and seamlessly integrated with e-automate billing for fast and accurate billing. Supply and service alerts from FMAudit provide for proactive customer service. ECi FMAudit data can be used to facilitate just in time inventory management, service call avoidance and cost effective purchasing decisions.

FMAudit paired with e-automate provides a powerful integrated approach to managing both MPS and non MPS customer accounts for maximum efficiency and profitability.

Integration FAQs

Average implementation time: 20 minutes

Status: Live


Who supports it? ECi e-automate

Who handles install? ECi e-automate

Description of installation: ECi FMAudit uses e-automate APIs to push data into e-automate's applications.

Integration points to include:

Key contacts

Sue Anderson, ECi FMAudit
602 218 5228

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