Canon imageWARE


Canon's imageWARE Remote Integration for e-automate eliminates the manual data entry process for meters and service calls into e-automate. This application will download the meter data and real-time service alerts from the imageWARE Remote Universal Gateway (UGW) server, and automatically convert and upload the data to the Dealer's e-automate system.

Integration FAQs

Average implementation time: 20 minutes

Status: Live

Investment: $720 annual subscription for PIP unless already owned

Who supports it? ECi e-automate

Who handles install? Canon

Description of installation: Automates the meter processing portion of the meter billing cycle will further increase the effectiveness of imageWARE Remote's automated meter collection feature by reducing administrative burden and cost. The accurate real-time service alerts delivered by imageWARE Remote will also be integrated seamlessly into e-automate's service dispatch module—an elegant way to complement your current business process.

Key contacts

Canon USA Help Desk

e-automate Account Managers