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U.S. Bank is a gold partner with Digital Gateway and provides the ultimate financing solution to help you grow your business. U.S. Bank and Digital Gateway provide complimentary products to help our mutual clients become more efficient, profitable and successful. Together, we have developed tools to streamline the meter transfer and cash application processes.

Since 2000, U.S. Bank and Digital Gateway have worked together to provide complimentary products to help our mutual clients become more efficient, profitable and successful.

Partnering with U.S. Bank and Digital Gateway will help you streamline your administrative processes related to communicating meter readings and posting your cash received from U.S. Bank.

Remote Upload allows you to quickly send your meter readings and invoice numbers to U.S. Bank via an automated process developed specifically for our mutual clients. This time saving process is significantly quicker than manual processes used by other leasing companies and greatly reduces the potential for human error.

The U.S. Bank AutoPost program applies monies automatically - saving you hours of reconciliation time. Once U.S. Bank remits your Maintenance and/or Overage revenue, you can automatically post these funds to your receivables, instead of spending numerous hours posting manually.

About Office Equipment Finance Services
U.S. Bank Office Equipment Finance Services (OEFS) is located in Marshall, MN. The OEFS mission is to create custom programs and true partnerships within the Document Imaging Industry. These partnerships are fostered by a Sales Manager with specialized industry knowledge. They provide face-to-face consultation and support to create solutions that work effectively for their clients. The dedicated home office team works to provide superior customer service and support, which leads to a program that is truly effective in creating a successful partnership.

Integration FAQs

Average implementation time: 2-3 hours

Status: Live

Investment: None

Who supports it? US Bank

Who handles install? US Bank

Description of installation: Each time USBank remits money to you, you can download the remittance report to post the cash to open receivables using excel files.

Key contacts

Ben Alcorn, US Bank

e-automate Account Managers

US Bank