SalesScoreKeeper LLC is a software design and development company specializing in automation of the commission process for business-to-business sales companies. Using the latest technologies in code writing, reporting and cloud hosting, we have developed a process to accurately and efficiently process simple or complex commissions for sales reps in many industries.

Our philosophy is to create a solution for business challenges that will have an immediate impact with little investment and are scalable as you grow. A big part of our design has been to deliver a simple but powerful solution, simple to implement, simple to use and simple to maintain. Our goal is to help you improve your bottom line.


SSK is customized to calculate commissions according to your commission plan(s) as well as following your workflow throughout the commission process. SSK does not ask for any changes within your organization we make SSK work to suit all your company’s needs for processing commission in an accurate and timely manner.

Incent and Motivate

There is nothing that will slow down a sales rep more than not knowing how much or when they are getting paid. With SalesScoreKeeper you chose how much of the process they see to keep them out of the dark and let them get back to selling. Get sales numbers out as they happen, track sales contests, President Club, office stack ranking and much more all with a click of the mouse. No more stale data on the sales board! Keep reps informed of achievable bonus target to push them to the next level.

Sales Reporting & Analytics

Because SalesScoreKeeper collects all pertinent data on a transaction, information that sometimes your ERP or CRM may not have, you can view sales data information like never before. Find out if you are paying too much or too little or is it time to tweak the sales comp plan. Use reports to make sure you are driving your sales force to the behaviors you want by seeing what they are doing and review their trends. Extensive ROI reports lets you know if your teams are providing the return you are looking for and hitting benchmarks you have set as goals.

Sales Reporting & Analytics

Save money by saving time processing your commissions. SalesScoreKeeper makes sure that all the steps get done in a timely and efficient manner with full workflow automation and most importantly, being done accurately. Email alerts and cloud web access anytime and anywhere assures that transactions will keep moving and all processes are completed.

Integration FAQs

Average Implementation Time: 45-60 days

Status: Live

Investment: Monthly subscription based on the size of your sales team. Set up charge dependant on the comp. plan structure.

Who supports it? SalesScoreKeeper

Who handles the install? SalesScoreKeeper

Description of integration: The e-automate extract provides SalesScoreKeeper the needed invoice and payment data needed to quickly and accurately identify commissions owned to the sales team by rep.

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