Exactor is revolutionizing sales tax compliance by providing the next-generation, end-to-end solution for secure, reliable and accurate sales tax compliance efforts, including tax calculation, record keeping and tax processing. Exactor’s cloud based Software as a Service (SaaS) system introduces to sales tax compliance the same high standards and ease of use typically associated with payroll taxes. This allows you to focus on SALES, while Exactor deals with the TAX.

Our Solutions

Exactor provides a fully automated, cloud based SaaS sales tax compliance solution to organizations with sales across any channel to market (in-store, catalog or internet sales). Exactor’s product suite was designed using a modular approach, allowing the merchant to select only those modules it needs to meet its compliance requirements. Modules include:

ExactOCalc – real time determination of sales tax rates;
ExactOTrac – tracking transaction changes (discounts, product returns, etc.) and calculating sales tax;
ExactOExempt – automated management of sales tax exemption certificates;
ExactOFile – preparing and filing tax returns and remitting tax payments;
ExactOVAT – calculating and determining value added tax on international transactions; and
ExactOAVSaddress verification service, cleaning address as input by the user, standardizing and verifying the address as being accurate and deliverable.

Most importantly, Exactor’s proprietary technology enables retailers of any size to fully automate the computation, reporting, and remittance of sales taxes. The modular architecture of Exactor’s product suite allows the user to select only those modules it chooses to incorporate into its sales tax process. As an automated cloud based SaaS service, installation requires minimal efforts, and virtually no follow-up maintenance. Modules can be added as a company grows or as enhanced services are desired. Exactor’s modules can easily interact with existing systems already in place to augment functionality and fully automate the sales tax compliance process.

Integration FAQs

This integration gathers accurate and reliable sales tax calculation with information pulled directly from your e-automate system.

Average Implementation Time: TBD

Status: Available, 2016

Investment: TBD, PIP/ESN connection required

Who Supports it: ECi e-automate

How do I get started: By contacting your e-automate Account Manager: eaAccountManager@ecisolutions.com

Who Handles the Install: ECi e-automate

Key Contacts

ECi e-automate Account Managers: eaAccountManager@ecisolutions.com

Jonathan Barsade, Exactor: jbarsade@exactor.com