Let's face it. Running a copier business has its own particular set of problems. And those problems run the gamut: From determining why contracts continue to be barely profitable, to identifying what seem to be perpetually lost revenues, to the inevitable headaches and "misfires" involved in putting together a system to enter new markets like Managed Print Services. And here's one problem we guarantee you'll never have: Lack of support - Not only does CEOJuice provide the software systems that will allow you to effectively do it yourself, if needed we'll get "hands on" and do it for you.

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How we did it: We took a hard, in depth look at how the leading-edge companies are doing things. We analyzed and then synthesized their best processes. And then we developed cutting-edge software systems that bring both the expertise and the horsepower of the big boys to you.

Just one example out of dozens of benefits: BC (that's "Before CEOJuice") you'd run reports (if you had the time) to look for potential problems. Once found, you'd identify the problem and then hope that you'd be able to catch it again the next time. Solution: CEOJuice identifies the problem in real time (as it's created), automatically alerts the correct (pre-determined) people, and then follows up if the problem is not corrected within the specified time.

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All we need to get started is an initial commitment from your CEO. And we'll need you to confirm that there is a company plan in place along with the resources to put infrastructure together.

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We charge a monthly fee that's probably less than your utilities bill. You'll see results immediately. And we'll give you a full refund if you're not completely satisfied.

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Average implementation time: 1-2 days

Status: Live

Investment: $500+ per month subscription based e-automate licenses

Who supports it? CEOJuice

Who handles install? CEOJuice

Description of integration: CEOJuice provides Automated Best Practices for Copier Dealers. From managing & motivating sales, to service performance, to communicating with customers. CEOJuice ensures nothing falls thorugh the cracks.

Integration points to include: View the full list of CEOJuice/e-automate alerts and processes

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List of CEOJuice/e-automate alerts and processes
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