Introducing e-automate Cloud Solution

ECi e-automate® is a cloud-based business management software system. Our solutions that were specifically built for companies that sell and service technology, improve business processes in the following areas: accounting, contracts, inventory, service dispatch, sales purchasing and more.

Do you struggle to find the information you need, when you need it? Do you spend countless hours comparing and analyzing spreadsheets? With e-automate, all of your business functions are integrated into one easy-to-use interface giving you accurate, real-time insight into your business. The capability of automating many processes, including those that involve your suppliers and your customers, will help reduce errors and redundancies while allowing you and your team to focus less on everyday tasks and more on driving sales, providing better service and growing your business.

Additional benefits by being among our Cloud community include:

Cost efficiency By hosting your system in our virtual server, you free up time for your IT staff to focus on more value add projects and eliminate hardware costs.

Improved security Our data center is secure so you can rest assured your information is kept safe from intrusion at all times.

Increased productivity Your system is accessible with an internet connection so the ability to be productive from anywhere is an easy option.

Faster support Updates to your systems are sent quickly and seamlessly so you are always operating with the latest features and enhancements.

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