e-automate Commissions™ Management Solution

Calculate your commissions accurately in minutes, not days

e-automate Commissions™ management solution is the first comprehensive commission module built for the Office Products Industry that addresses the many variations of commission plans used across the industry. This comprehensive solution takes the manual work and hassle out of calculating commissions while ensuring pinpoint accuracy.

In order to best serve the disparate needs of dealers and the unique ways their organizations calculate commissions, e-automate commissions puts the power and flexibility of the tool into the hands of the user.

e-automate Commissions includes functionality for sales splits, sales teams, quotas, hurdles and spiffs on other revenue or gross profit goals. Users have the ability to edit the rate to be paid on any invoice or the commissionable amount on which to apply a rate by invoice.

There is additional functionality to add "real world" activities that are not captured in e-automate but are the basis for attaining either spiffs or rates. For those scenarios that fall outside of the calculated commissions, any amount can also be added or subtracted by "ad hoc" entries into the final commission.