Success Story: Image Matters, Inc.

Collaboration Brings New Tool to Xerox Dealership

Image Matters, Inc.

Location: Knoxville, TN
Founded: 1999
Employees: 26
Contracts: 800
Machines-in-Field: 4,000

Priding itself on its innovative technology and dynamic service to customers, Image Matters has always gone the extra mile for their customers. As an authorized dealer of three brands including Xerox, Image Matters is able to offer customized, ongoing managed print service programs that take the burden out of maintenance, service and supplies replenishment.

While helping customers of all sizes to run smoothly and profitably, Image Matters found itself embroiled in their own paperwork dilemma that grew with the company and by 2015 was costing thousands a year in lost productivity.

"As we grew so did our PageConnect invoice," said Jenny Cowden, Image Matters' Office Manager who explained that in order to create invoices and understand the company's profitability, it was necessary to allocate the cost from each contract and each piece of equipment into e-automate, the company's ERP program.

"I had to add the equipment identification number to each serial number and then add the contract number to that," she said.

"With over 200 pages in the PageConnect invoice, it took days," said Cowden. "Every month we would do what we liked to call 'Xeroxing' which was nothing more than separating and entering all the data manually."

An Innovation in Invoicing Import

Taking the initiative, Cowden reached out to both Xerox and e-automate with the challenge of simplifying the process.

"The plan was to see how the two of us could work together to solve the issue and bring profitability back to our customer," said Kip Kugler, Vice President of Sales for e-automate, an ECi Software Solutions solution. "It took months of review and discussions, but by the time the plan was set into motion, we believed we could really streamline the process. Xerox agreed to supply the data in a format that we could work with and we created a spreadsheet that would allow e-automate users to import a large quantity of AP invoices."

Similar to the e-automate AP Invoice Utility spreadsheet, the Xerox AP Invoice Utility spreadsheet is designed specifically for associating a vendor invoice with serialized Xerox equipment on a customer contract. To facilitate this process, this custom utility provides the additional functionality of allowing the identification of equipment by serial number only.

"Now when you import the invoices, an accounts payable invoice record is created for each imported invoice," said Kugler. "The information you enter into the Xerox AP Invoice Utility populates in the corresponding available fields on each of those vendor records including the equipment, contract number, coverage to/from and the customer fields."

According to Cowden, a simple copy and paste starts the process which runs in the background. After about an hour, a quick spot-check confirms the accuracy and completion.

"Throughout the process, I received fantastic support from both Xerox and ECi," said Cowden who was very pleased with the results. "This integration has helped us tremendously and it is no longer a dreaded project.”