Success Story: Hackworth, Inc.

Switch to e-automate® Business Management Software Puts Them on the Right Track to Data-Driven Decisions

Hackworth, Inc.

Corey Wilt still remembers what life was like at Hackworth, Inc., the dealership where he works, before it switched to e-automate® software to run things. Those memories, he says, are thankfully behind him and the rest of the team. 

“It was pretty chaotic from a management standpoint,” says Corey, service manager at Hackworth, a graphics, printing and technology company headquartered in Chesapeake, Virginia. “We were drowning in paper. Inventory management was difficult and providing any meaningful support for our sales team was incredibly labor intensive and time-consuming.” 

“Any time a sales rep would come looking for information on a particular account, it would literally take me days to come up with basic details like average monthly volume, their contract pricing and service call history,” says Corey. 

“The only time we really knew what we had in stock was once a year when we took physical inventory,” he adds. “Back then, it would take three people two days to put it together but now that we have e-automate in place, our inventory runs in real-time and that makes parts management a breeze. E-automate saves us a lot of time that we can put to better use in other areas of the business.” 

After switching to e-automate, the days of management by wishing and hoping are gone, says Corey. “We’re so much more organized than we were before,” he reports happily. “Instead of days, it literally just takes minutes to give our sales reps the detailed customer history they need. Most importantly, we’re making critical business decisions on the basis of data instead of gut feel and guesswork.” 

E-automate is process management software

Hackworth is a family-owned-and-operated business that functions as a full-service document and technology solution organization in a market that not only covers Chesapeake and the rest of Virginia but also extends into Maryland, Washington, DC, and North Carolina. 

It specializes in serving the architectural, engineering and construction market, offering a wide range of printing and marketing services, wide-format digital imaging and printing systems, and supplies and document management solutions. It’s a complex business, operating in a highly technical, fiercely competitive market and that makes the ability to draw on full-featured, user-friendly business software absolutely mission-critical. 

The good news for Corey Wilt and the rest of the Hackworth team and that after switching to e-automate, they’ve got all of that and then some! 

“Since we went live with e-automate, the program has done exactly what they said it was going to do,” he says. “It runs great, we’ve never had any down time and on the very few occasions when I’ve had to contact the e-automate support team with a question, they’ve always been very quick to respond and get us the answer we needed.” 

“When we went looking for software to run the business, we wanted longevity, quality and functionality,” explains Corey. “That’s why we chose e-automate and that decision is making our business stronger and more organized every day!”