ECi e-automate Dealer Advisory Council

At ECi, customer involvement is an essential part of our development process

The ECi e-automate Dealer Advisory Council will work closely with e-automate product managers and senior staff, representing our user communities as a whole and helping us to advance products and services for the benefit of all.

Dealers who serve on the Dealer Advisory Council represent a cross-section of companies in terms of company size, industry, geographic locations, business models and supplier affiliations. In addition to serving as representatives for the user community, the advisers assist in software development, suggesting and prioritizing future e-automate software enhancements. They also volunteer their time in assisting in design and testing new features. This helps to ensure e-automate’s vision for our products remains aligned with the needs of current and prospective customers, enabling you to compete more effectively in the marketplace.

This new initiative will compliment input we receive from the user group, enabling us to focus on both short and long term advancement.

Those who serve on the Dealer Advisory Council will:

Dealer Advisory Council members will be required to:

Application requirements:

Must be an e-automate Customer
Operational to C-level employees are encouraged to apply

Applicants of varying backgrounds, industries and experiences will be selected to join our existing 9 members to serve a 2-year term on the Dealer Advisory Council.

How to apply:

To apply: submit cover letter to with the following information:

Application submission deadline: July 15, 2016. Notification date: July 31, 2016